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Last update 29/06/2023

Pricing Manager

This feature will give you the possibility to display new price suggestions to your sellers when their listing price is higher than other similar listings within our marketplace, allowing you to compare them to other sellers.
Keep in mind that the Price Manager feature efficiently compares similar listings within Mercado Libre to identify and suggest more competitive prices based on a rigorous analysis of products with the same characteristics.
Suggest the best price for the seller to be more competitive, based on the price at which the competition is selling the same product.

Get items by user

This will allow you to obtain a list of all items from the seller that have an opportunity for price improvement.


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -X GET{user_id}/items


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -X GET


  "total": 3,
  "items": [

Response fields

The response includes the following key-value pairs:

  • "total": 3: It represents the total number of items.
  • "items": ["MLM2245339004", "MLM1810190010", "MLM2245313004"]: list of items represented by a string value.


Status_code Error code Error message Description
403 forbidden Can not identify the user When the user in the parameter does not correspond to a site user of the caller.

Get item detail

This request will allow you to obtain, for a particular item, all the information related to the price improvement opportunity.


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -X GET{item_id}/details


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -X GET


  "item_id": "MLM2245339004",
  "status": "with_benchmark_highest",
  "currency_id": "MXN",
  "ratio": 17.18,
  "current_price": {
      "amount": 4209.1,
      "usd_amount": 245
  "suggested_price": {
      "amount": 3047.39,
      "usd_amount": 177.38
  "percent_difference": 27,
  "costs": {
      "selling_fees": 35.48,
      "shipping_fees": 28.2
  "metadata": {
      "type": "similar_price",
      "graph": [
              "item_id": "MLM880426424",
              "price": {
                  "amount": 3047.39,
                  "usd_amount": 177.38
              "info": {
                  "thumbnail": "",
                  "title": "Tapa Punterias Altima 07 A 19 Sentra 07 A 12 2.5  Original",
                  "url": "",
                  "sold_quantity": 0
              "quantity": 1,
              "current": false,
              "suggested": false
      "compared_values": 1

Response fields

  • "item_id": Represents the ID of the item.
  • "status": Indicates the status of the item, in this case, "with_benchmark_highest". (1)
  • "currency_id": Represents the currency used, in this case, "MXN" (Mexican Peso).
  • "ratio": Indicates the ratio associated with the price of the item.
  • "current_price": Provides information about the current price of the item, including the "amount" (4209.1 MXN) and the equivalent "usd_amount" (245 USD).
  • "suggested_price": Indicates the suggested price for the item, including the "amount" (3047.39 MXN) and the equivalent "usd_amount" (177.38 USD).
  • "percent_difference": Represents the percentage difference between the current price and the suggested price (27%).
  • "costs": Provides information about the costs associated with the item, including "selling_fees" (35.48 MXN) and "shipping_fees" (28.2 MXN).
  • "metadata": Contains additional metadata about the item.

    • "type": Indicates the type of metadata, in this case, "similar_price". (2)
    • "graph": Represents a graph with additional information about a related item.

      • "item_id": The ID of the related item.
      • "price": Provides the price details for the related item, including the "amount" (3047.39 MXN) and the equivalent "usd_amount" (177.38 USD).
      • "info": Contains additional information about the related item, such as "thumbnail", "title", "url", and "sold_quantity".
      • "quantity": Indicates the quantity of the related item.
      • "current": Specifies whether the related item is the current item (false in this case).
      • "suggested": Specifies whether the related item is suggested (false in this case).
      • "compared_values": Indicates the number of compared values (1 in this case).

These fields and parameters provide information about the item, its pricing, costs, and related metadata.

(1) Status options:

  • no_benchmark_lowest: When the item price is lower than the suggested price.
  • no_benchmark_ok: When the item price equals the suggested price.
  • with_benchmark_high: When the item price is greater than the suggested price.
  • with_benchmark_highest: When the item price is greater than the suggested price and is equal to or greater than the maximum price among all the prices with which the item is compared.

(2) Type options:

  • similar_price
  • adjusted_price

Status_code Error code Error message Description
404 forbidden item MLX1234 is not a cbt item When the item being queried is not from CBT.
404 forbidden item price suggestion not found, item id: [MLX1234], error: [kvs: key not found When the CBT item does not have price suggestions.

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