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Last update 14/06/2023

Manage cart orders

With the shopping cart, buyers can add items together in a single purchase. When they are looking for your publications, we will recommend your other products for them to add to the cart.

View cart sales

With this resource, you can consult all sales of the same pack (pack_id).


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'$PACK_ID


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'$PACK_ID


  "id": 2000003508553677,
  "status": "released",
  "status_detail": null,
  "date_created": "2022-04-08T17:00:48.000-0400",
  "last_updated": "2022-04-08T17:02:07.000-0400",
  "family_pack_id": null,
  "buyer": {
      "id": 266272126
  "shipment": {
      "id": 41297142475
  "orders": [
          "id": 2000003508897196
          "id": 2000003508911076

Response fields

  • ID: package identifier.
  • status: package status.
    • filling: the sale is paid and the pack is created, orders and shipments are created.
    • filled: the orders and shipments of the pack are created and the distribution of the payment to each entity begins.
    • released: all orders and shipments are paid, this is the most viewed status.
  • status_detail: status detail, it shows the reason for a cancellation.
  • family_pack_id: when a pack is split, new packs are generated. A child pack stores in this field the ID of the 'parent' pack.

  • Errors

    HTTP Code Error Message
    404 not_found Resource not found

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