Register your application

To register an application, you must go to our Global Selling Application Manager and login. The application only works for Global Selling Parent account, thus you need to have a user registered in our platform. Once you Login, you’ll be asked to fill in some details about your application and after it, you’ll get a Client_Id and a Secret_Key that will be needed to authenticate with our API.

-The registration in Global Selling be done by comercial team´s invitation.
-The account email registered will be valid only for Global Selling login and not for other countries.


→Application Data
→Basic application info
→Authentication & security
→Read-Only apps
    ↳Read/Write online apps
   ↳Read/Write offline apps
→Notification settings

Application Data

There are three groups of information in this form: Basic Application Info, Authentication & Security and Notification Settings.

Basic application info

app_id: This is your client_id. It must be used to retrieve an access token.

secret_key: This is used to retrieve an access token, too. Don’t share this secret with anyone.

name: Name of your application. It must be unique.

short_name: Name that Meli uses to generate your application’s URL.

description: This description (up to 150 characters) will be shown when the application requests an authorization.

Authentication & security

Callback URL: Redirect URI. URL to return users to your app after they grant access.

Domains: Authorized Javascript Origins. Comma-separated list of fully-qualified domain name of all pages that will use the client-side authentication. Only needed if using Javascript API. Don’t include protocol, port or “localhost”.


  • Read: Allows to use API GET HTTP methods.
  • Write: Allows to use API PUT, POST and DELETE HTTP methods.
  • Offline Access: Allows to make request server side and refresh token.
- A mandatory requirement for the creation of an application in the Application Manager is to use HTTPS protocol in your redirect URI to ensure that the message is sent encrypted and to people with reading permission only.
- If you are still using HTTP and want to make changes, set up the new URL with HTTPS.

Considerations about scopes

There are several types of applications. However, we will divide them in three groups to explain the required scopes.

Read-Only apps

An application that allows an anonymous or authenticated user to get customized information from MELI. In this case an anonymous user might search for items, look at descriptions, etc, and an authenticated user may look at personal information. If no modification is made to the data on MELI (no user information update, no item listing, no item buying), all you need is a read scope. Note that any attempt to modify data through MELI APIs would get an error.

Read/Write online apps

This kind of app allows an anonymous user to carry out certain read-only operations on MELI, as well as an authenticated user to modify data, list new items (sell), post orders (buy), and so on. In this case the application requires a write scope so that the user can grant write permissions for the app to act on his behalf. The application will be able to modify data on behalf of the user while the access token remains valid. Once it has expired, the user needs to renew the token to regain access.

Read/Write offline apps

If your app needs to act on behalf of the user even when the user is offline, it will require offline-access permission by the user. By requesting this scope, upon acceptance by the user, the app will have both the access token to act on behalf of the user and a refresh token to get a new valid access token once the previous one has expired.

Notification settings

Notifications callback URL: Configure the public URL of your domain where you want to receive the notifications on the different topics.

Topics: List of topics you want to subscribe to. There are six possible topics: marketplace orders, items, marketplace items, marketplace questions, marketplace messages and marketplace claims.

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