Last update 06/09/2022

Developer Partner Programs

The Developer Partner Program helps us to maintain good use of our open platform in order to certify applications so that thousands of global vendors operate in Mercado Libre in a simple and secure way. Look at the requirements and benefits we have to certify an application and be part of our community.


Applications GMV(e)

One of the requirements to be a certified application will be to meet a monthly quota of GMV (e) as a seller and it will be measured month by month (M - 1).
GMV (e) is the monthly billing in dollars of active users. Through this metric it is possible to define each application taking into account its billing, transactions, account importance, etc.

Features implementation

In addition, we take into account the number of days to develop the new communicated functionalities:
-There will be no more than 5 initiatives per quarter and they may have different priorities.
-If you miss the deadline for development, you may lose your certification.

In addition to the initiatives sent, there may be mandatory updates with an already planned deadline, considering that it will be a feature where soon, if it is not updated, it will have a direct impact on the seller who uses it.


If your application is certified you will be able to:

  • Distinction in our App Store
  • Direct contact with Partner Development (commercial, technical and business issues)
  • Slack Developers Community access
  • Be beta tester of new initiatives

Certify an application

To certify an application you must have the above requirements and accept the Global Selling Developers Terms and Conditions.
For more information, you can see Global Selling.