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List from an existing publication (optin)

At first, we recommend you validate that your existing publication is eligible for catalog, then get the active catalog_product_id from children product, using the product search resource and checking correspond it exactly to product that you will list, you will be able to create the catalog listing with a POST to /items/catalog_listings successfully.


In the domains where there is currently a catalog, their publications don´t allow variations because they are already associated with a specific product. So if your original listing had variations, you will have a catalog listing for each one.
The relevant information of your variations, such as the color of the item, will not be lost but will be reflected in the attributes of the catalog product. In the future, there may be domains where the product never fully specifies what is being sold, for example in clothing to size, and it is possible that variations are allowed. We will notify you when that happens.

If your existing item contains variations, you must make a POST for each one of them by sending the variation_id field in the body of the POST.

Example on an item with variations:

curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'
  "variation_id": 4321,

Example on an item without variations:

curl -X POST -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'

Short example of response to the creation of an item:


   "id": "CBT994524823",
   "site_id": "CBT",
   "title": "Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Black Prism - 128 Gb - 8 Gb",
   "subtitle": null,
   "seller_id": 694878795,
   "category_id": "CBT1055",
   "official_store_id": null,
   "price": 15.1,
   "base_price": 15.1,
   "original_price": null,
   "inventory_id": null,
   "currency_id": "USD",
   "initial_quantity": 100,
   "available_quantity": 100,
   "sold_quantity": 0,
   "sale_terms": [],
   "buying_mode": "buy_it_now",
   "listing_type_id": "gold_pro",
   "start_time": "2021-02-03T18:26:50.859Z",
   "stop_time": "2041-01-29T04:00:00.000Z",
   "end_time": "2041-01-29T04:00:00.000Z",
   "expiration_time": "2021-04-24T18:26:50.989Z",
   "condition": "new",
   "permalink": "",
   "pictures": [],
   "video_id": null,
   "descriptions": [],
   "accepts_mercadopago": true,
   "non_mercado_pago_payment_methods": [],
   "shipping": {
       "mode": "not_specified",
       "local_pick_up": false,
       "free_shipping": false,
       "methods": [],
       "dimensions": "9x19x19,500",
       "tags": [],
       "logistic_type": "not_specified",
       "store_pick_up": false
   "international_delivery_mode": "none",
   "seller_address": {},
   "seller_contact": null,
   "location": {},
   "geolocation": {
       "latitude": "",
       "longitude": ""
   "coverage_areas": [],
   "attributes": [],
   "warnings": [],
   "listing_source": "",
   "variations": [],
   "thumbnail_id": "998561-MLA43684142816_102020",
   "thumbnail": "",
   "secure_thumbnail": "",
   "status": "active",
   "sub_status": [],
   "tags": [],
   "warranty": "Factory warranty: 90 days",
   "catalog_product_id": "CBT14186099",
   "domain_id": "CBT-CELLPHONES",
   "seller_custom_field": null,
   "parent_item_id": null,
   "differential_pricing": null,
   "deal_ids": [],
   "automatic_relist": false,
   "date_created": "2021-02-03T18:26:52.183Z",
   "last_updated": "2021-02-03T18:26:52.183Z",
   "health": null,
   "catalog_listing": true,
   "item_relations": [
           "id": "CBT979951434",
           "variation_id": null,
           "stock_relation": 1

Also, remember:

  • If the item is sent without variations when it does, the response will be a 400 error.
  • The catalog_product_id field is required in the POST for items with or without variations.

Also, you can see more information about Catalog Listings (Seller Learning Center).

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