Category predictor

The new category predictor resource helps sellers and developers to best predict in which category they should list a particular product. Also, it allows to recognize the category domain and required attributes to be filled, improving the listing quality when uploading a product to Mercado Libre.


→Get a Category prediction
    ↳Mandatory parameter
    ↳Response fields

Get a Category prediction

Make a GET request with a product title (in english) to predict one article at a time, recognize the category_id and the required attributes to list a product. Keep in mind that the answer will be made up of a list of predictions from the provided title, the first being the one with the highest prediction accuracy.


Mandatory parameter

q: the title of the product to be predicted, must be completely in english language.



curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -X GET$Q
This request has a limit 400 request per minute.


curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -X GET


    domain_id: "CBT-CELLPHONES",
    domain_name: "Cellphones",
    category_id: "CBT1055",
    category_name: "Cell Phones and Smartphones",
    attributes: [
        id: "BRAND",
        name: "Brand",
        value_id: "9344",
        value_name: "Apple"
        id: "LINE",
        name: "Line",
        value_id: "58993",
        value_name: "iPhone"
        id: "MODEL",
        name: "Model",
        value_id: "14608",
        value_name: "iPhone"

Response fields

domain_id: ID of the predicted domain.
domain_name: name of the predicted domain.
category_id: ID of the predicted category.
category_name: name of the predicted category.
attributes: list of attributes for the predicted category.