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Last update 28/12/2022

Mercado Ads

This feature is available only in Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Mercado Ads is an advertising solution, integrated into Mercado Libre, to give more product visibility to people who are looking for what you sell within the platform.

From the very beginning, all your products become sponsored listings. You will automatically see a daily recommended budget. It is a suggested amount that estimates the clicks you will receive on the listing. You can modify and adjust it according to your needs.

Once you establish the amount you want to invest, we take care that your ads reach your potential customers every time they search for those products on the platform. That is, we show your ads to people who are looking for what you sell.

See more details for sellers, like How to create advertising campaigns in Product Ads, How the Product Ads bidding system works and Advertise on Mercado Libre and attract more customers.

For more information, you can visit Mercado Ads for Global Selling.

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