How can I use Mercado Libre's Competition feature?

 This new feature will be released progressively, so that’s why you may not yet see it on.


Listings section

1. You will find these suggestions in the Listings section on the right side of the row, indicating that your price is higher than the competition. Click on "Review price". 

2. You will be redirected to the Competition Card in the individual editor. Here you can review the price suggestion based on the best similar listings, then click on "Lower Price" to reduce it according to our recommendation.

3. Once you lower your price to the one suggested by Mercado Libre, your listing price will be competitive, and you can boost your sales!

4. When you have a product with a price suggestion, you will be able to find a card on the top of the Listings section for a faster way to filter through items with price suggestions within the list.

Online Bulk Editor 

1. You may find products with a higher price than your competitors by identifying them with an exclamation mark next to the listing price. Take a look at the new price suggestion by hovering over the exclamation icon with the cursor.

2. Once you hover over the icon, a tooltip will reveal the price suggestion based on the best similar listing. You will be able to automatically lower the price by clicking on the “Lower price” button.

3. If you lower the price of a product to the one being suggested, the exclamation mark will change to a green check mark indicating that the new price is competitive. When you are ready, click on “Save” so the changes will be applied within the online bulk editor.

Keep in mind that if the price is still higher than the suggestion, the exclamation mark will remain on the screen.

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