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Find out how we use and protect your personal data to improve our services and provide you with a personalized experience.

  • Manage the use of your data
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Manage your personal data

You can access, correct, edit, object or delete your personal data.

Edit or correct your personal data
Keeping your personal details up to date allows us to offer you a personalized experience, ensure the correct use of our platform and comply with the current regulations.
Your personal data must be accurate
All personal data you provide to us must be accurate and truthful to avoid service suspension or your account from being shut down.
We integrate your data into our platform
We want to make selling or whatever you want to do, quick and easy throughout our ecosystem.

Set up your preferences

You can control your experience by setting up the email preferences. Enabling these options allows us to send you relevant content. How the email preferences works:

Personalize your experience
We give you the option to activate or deactivate the emails you receive when you sell a product.
Help us to improve our services
You will continue to receive emails about your purchases, sales and other transactions, as well as important communications related to your account.

How we use cookies

Cookies allow us to learn how you browse our platform and keep our running. With this information, we make it easier, faster and safer to use your account.

Check their purpose:

Interactive experience

To know the interests and behavior of users and sellers give them a better service.

Make your experience easier

We remember your details for a fast and easy login from your usual devices.

More safety

To reinforce the security of our platform and protect your account from possible malicious attacks.

How we process your data

We safeguard your personal data with appropriate security measures. We do not sell nor commercialize information that may identify you.

Protect your safety
Avoid frauds, abuse and crime for a secure ecosystem.
Ensure the exercise of rights
We enable channels so that you can exercise your rights.
Sustainability of our platform
Comply with legal obligations and requirements from competent authorities.

Who process it?

Check the detailed information about the people responsible for the treatment of your data.

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Our system

We use tools that help us to make secure and more efficient your experience.

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Privacy rights

You can exercise your data protection rights if you are a seller´s representative, a seller account owner or a website visitor.

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Check the enabled channels through which we notify you if there are any changes in the use of your data.

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International Sale of Goods Terms and Conditions

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