What is Mercado Libre's Price Competition tool?

This tool will display price suggestions when your listing price is higher than other listings with similar characteristics within our marketplace, allowing you to make educated decisions when lowering your prices compared to other sellers. 

Remember that the Price Competition tool efficiently compares similar listings within Mercado Libre to identify and suggest more competitive prices based on a rigorous analysis of products with the same characteristics.

Learn more about the characteristics and benefits associated with this tool and continue to make efficient and strategic decisions for your business. 

1) Optimize your competitiveness: We will show you similar listings, so you can compare and adjust the price if needed. 

What can you see?

  • Name of the competitor
  • Link to their listing
  • Number of sales 
  • Price other sellers are offering

Where can I see this information? 

1. You can view similar products on the competitiveness card by clicking on "similar listings."

2. Once the list is displayed, you can check the product name, units sold, product characteristics, and price per unit. You can also go directly to the item page and review the listing in detail. 

2) Edit the suggested price: You can accept our price suggestion or edit a price of your choosing. It will also help you determine possible reductions and experiment with different pricing strategies.

Where can you do this process? 

1. Accessing from the competitiveness card, you can accept the price we suggest for you, by clicking on “Accept price”. If you want to edit it, you can click on “Edit price” and it will take you to the price editor, so you can change it to the one you consider convenient.

2. From the price editor, you can change the price manually. 

3) Visualize your costs: We also show you the approximate selling and shipping fees that will be generated with the new suggested price, so you can understand the full pricing context in which your product exists.

Take advantage of these valuable insights and increase your competitiveness. 



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