Overview of the Returns process

It's essential to understand how the Return process works to ensure the best experience for you and your buyers. 

Once a buyer receives your product, there might be reasons for which the package needs to be returned (it's defective, different, or damaged, among others). If this is the case, buyers are entitled to open a complaint. To prevent this from happening, we strongly suggest following our guide on avoiding having complaints

Keep in mind that if you have an open complaint, you should address it as soon as possible since it may be affecting your reputation as a seller. For additional information on this topic, check out how returns affect your reputation.  

Return methods for Global Selling users:

  • Local Return address: you can set up a local return address in your account to generate the shipping label for the buyer to return the product. Also, you will save time handling complaints and avoid unnecessary mediations that can affect your reputation through Express returns.
  • Return to the warehouse: if you do not have a local return address, fulfillment products will be sent back to the warehouse, so you will have to schedule a pickup or request for us to discard them.
  • Return to Origin: you're responsible for providing an international shipping label for the buyer to return the product. 
  • Returnless refund: you agree to refund the money to the buyer without receiving the product back, and it will immediately close the complaint.

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