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What is necessary to be a MercadoLeader

Being a MercadoLeader helps you stand out from the competition and gives you more tools to grow. Check out how to achieve it.

What being a MercadoLeader means

A seller that achieves a MercadoLeader status is one that stands out for their excellent selling experience provided to buyers and also for the number of sales made on the platform.

To be a MercadoLeader, you must take care of your reputation: remember that it is a very important indicator when it comes to generating trust in those people who are looking for someone to buy from. Learn how to take care of your reputation.

There are 3 levels of MercadoLeader, which are identified with a colored medal. Each of them provides different benefits.

These are the levels:


Benefits of being a MercadoLeader

  • You can stand out from your competitors. Your listings have greater exposure in the search results and appear among the first positions.
  • You offer free shipping in Mercado Libre with benefits on new products. Check out the costs in Mexico and in Chile.

How to become a MercadoLeader

Mercado Libre establishes a series of requirements to qualify you as a good seller and move up the MercadoLeader levels. These conditions were designed to help you improve your level of service and accompany you in your growth. If you can visualize them as strategic objectives, each step you climb will to have a significant impact on your turnover.

Check out some tips we share:

  • Be registered for at least four months in Mercado Libre.
  • Send your ID and your information in order to be registered.
  • When you start, check that your sales are in dark green on the thermometer.
  • Have mediations and cancelled sales below the allowed limits. View rules

These are the basic requirements, but for each of the three MercadoLeader medals there are some more objectives that you must achieve. The main thing is that you obtain a high volume of sales.


Tips to become a MercadoLeader: how to get there


  • Provide your customers with a good shopping experience throughout the entire process, including the after-sales

Reputation is decisive: to be a MercadoLeader, your thermometer must always be green. Avoid having complaints.


  • Your journey and history in Mercado Libre is an important footprint

Take care of every step, fix mistakes and make sure you provide good service to all customers. Learn how to turn your questions into sales.


  • Take care of your turnover and make it grow

To be a MercadoLeader you must have a sales and billing floor at each level. To achieve this, it is important to renew your stock and offer quality listings.


  • Offer discounts that encourage customers to buy

It is a good option to put in circulation products that have been in the warehouse for a long time. In addition, it is key to be competitive and increase turnover. Learn how to apply discounts to your listings


  • Deliver your products properly and on time so that nothing will harm your reputation

Remember that shipping in Mercado Libre is a good ally to make the process simple and smooth. Stand out for the quality of your shipments with Full.

How to boost your sales on Mercado Libre

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