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Promotional campaigns: a great opportunity to boost your sales

Need help deciding what promotions to choose for your products? Learn how you can participate in the campaigns according to your needs and preferences

Promotional campaigns consist of days when the number of users browsing the platform increases, willing to look for the best prices and take advantage of opportunities to make pending purchases.

Therefore, these are days in which consumption is intensified, so you must prepare and optimize your company's operation to handle the growth in demand during these dates. In the case of Mexico, the date that makes the difference in sales is the "Buen Fin," which occurs in November. The most important date in Brazil is Black Friday, also in November. These days, retailers increase their sales exponentially: it is an opportunity not to be missed!

So, the key is to anticipate to stand out from your competitors and prepare your company to face the growth in demand during these dates. Follow these tips to do just that:

Take care of your reputation

Reputation is the basis of success. Therefore, for more buyers to trust you, strive to comply with everything you promised in the listing to protect your green reputation. Learn more about reputation.


Optimize your listings

  • Take care of all the details of your listings. Pay attention to the title, photos, and description.
  • The title is key for your customers to find you, and you must concisely describe what you are selling. Therefore, write clear titles and do not repeat information, such as color, size, or shipping method.
  • The quality of the photos is essential as they are the introduction letter to your potential buyers. For your images to be seen with good resolution, they must be of high quality: ideally, they should be 1200 x 900 Pixels. Remember that the first photo of your product must be with a white background and without watermarks. How to take photos like a pro.
  • The product description should be an extension of the title. Please include relevant information in an orderly manner so your buyer can understand it. Remember to rank it so that the most important things come first, leaving everything that is secondary for the end. Make sure everything you promised in the description matches what you sell. Check that you have no misspellings or typos that can be interpreted as a lack of professionalism.
  • Remember to check the search trends in Mercado Libre to find out which products users most searched for in these marketplaces. Remember that analyzing how your competitor's lists can also be helpful and will serve to inspire you.

Trends – Brasil | Trends – Mexico

Don’t run out of stock

Ensure you have stock to handle the growing demand and enter the correct amount of stock in your listing. Remember that offering products you don’t have in stock will force you to cancel sales, negatively impacting your reputation.

Please note that we now have a campaign designed to address any challenges you may have with your slow moving or overstocked inventory. Boost your Sales for Overstock Items Campaign will allow you to sell your slow-moving stock, optimizing operating costs, and improving quality metrics, among other benefits. Learn more about our promotions.


It is essential that you keep a strict control of everything that happens in your business to anticipate such situations that can negatively affect your account.


Offer an excellent customer service

The experience you provide your customers is essential for them to choose you again as a trustable seller. During these dates with great demand, double your efforts to optimize the pre-sale service, answer the questions before your buyers buy from you, and do not forget about the after-sales service: be available and respond if any problems with the product purchased or doubts arise regarding its functioning. The customer would appreciate it if you respond quickly and kindly. Do not underestimate the importance of "showing" that a person is behind it all, offering good service.


Quality packaging

The packaging makes a big difference, and it is necessary to t protect the product against any risk of breakage. Make sure all products arrive in good condition and are well presented. Consider buying the materials to wrap your products beforehand, to avoid delays.


💡Commercial campaigns give you access to a large number of buyers and potential customers who browse the platform looking for the best opportunities and offers. Plan your strategy and make the most of it.


How to boost your sales on Mercado Libre

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