What types of promotions can I offer?

Offering discounts is an excellent way of increasing your exposure and boosting your sales. With Mercado Libre, you have several types of promotions to choose from.

Remember that to participate in these promotions, you must have:

  • A good reputation as a seller
  • Optimize your listings with suitable titles and descriptions and good quality photos 
  • Have your stock at the right levels. 

Before choosing any promotion, we suggest to: 

Offer attractive discounts reflecting a reduction in the product's original price. This is why, for some deals, we review the price history and suggest a minimum discount for you to offer


Types of Promotions 

Consider what is your primary goal when offering a discount: sell more or liquidate old and surplus inventory. Based on this, you can choose between these options:

  • Regular Deal

This can be considered an "entry-level" promotional campaign for you to offer to your buyers. It lasts up to 7 days and has a normal exposure. Your listing will have a discount rate identified with the color green, making them stand out from the rest.

  • Deal of the day

With this discount, you'll appear among the 1st places in the Promotions section and have the highest exposure for 24 hours. Also, we will add a blue discount tag and a green discount percentage mark to make it stand out from the others.


  • Lightning Deal

Although it lasts only 6 hours, this discount showcases your products to +200k buyers visiting the Promotions section daily. In other words, you can sell your entire stock in just a few hours! This type of promotional campaign is identified with a stock counter, a timer, and a green discount percentage tag.


  • Shared Deal

Offer a discount, and we will add an extra percentage to make your listing more attractive. To apply to this type of Promotion, you only need to lower the price of your listing to the value that we suggest. You'll see the campaign duration, the final price, offered discount, and what percentage will be at our expense.


  • Pre-negotiated Deal

In this type of Promotion, an Account Manager from Mercado Libre contacts you to determine which items will have a discount, what percentage they will have, and how long they will last.



  • Boost your Sales for Overstock Items


This campaign is designed to address any challenges you may be facing with slow-moving and excess inventory. Some benefits include:

  1. Sell stock with low rotation by offering clearance sales. 
  2. Reduce the number of units that pay fees for aging.
  3. Improve your sales profile and positioning of your listings.
  4. Enhance quality metrics to increase inventory replenishment.

You have 15 days to join this campaign, but the sooner you opt-in, the more you will sell.


  • Beat the competition with help from Mercado Libre: 

This campaign allows you to match the price of other similar products on competitor websites.


  • Increase your sales:

This campaign will highlight the discount of your products and reduce your fees for each sale.


  • Create your promotion 

With this campaign you can create your own promotions to increase your sales according to your need and business particularities. When creating your promotion, you can offer the same discount on each of your listings or a different percentage for each one, whatever suits you best. You can also:

  1. Define the start and end dates of your promotion.
  2. Choose the listings in which you want to participate.

You can create your own promotion, if your reputation is green. 

Keep in mind…

To access this feature, go to 'Listings' and click the 'Promotions' tab. Consider that these Promotions are exclusive for eligible items, only for trusted sellers, and available via API integration.

💡Commercial campaigns give you access to a large number of buyers and potential customers who browse the platform looking for the best opportunities and offers. Plan your strategy and make the most of it.


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