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Seller reputation: learn how it works

Learn about the best practices to have a good reputation as a seller.

Reputation Basics

Your reputation reflects your seller performance, and it measures the quality of service you offer to buyers. In Mercado Libre, your reputation is reflected by a color:

We calculate your reputation based on three metrics. To do so, we take into consideration your fulfilled orders during the last 3 months plus the days of the current month. If your total sales history has less than 40 fulfilled orders, we take into consideration your whole order record.

When you start selling in Mercado Libre, your reputation will be gray. This means we don’t have enough information to calculate your reputation yet. Once you fulfill your first 10 orders, we will check your overall performance and determine your reputation’s color.

As an international seller, keep in mind that your reputation is calculated for each marketplace where you sell. This means that you will have to maintain a good reputation for each country separately.


Performance metrics

1. Delayed shipments

It measures the time it takes for you to ship an order, that is, deliver the package to the carrier.

It applies to both Mercado Libre’s partnered carriers and your own chosen carriers. Our policy is that you keep a 4-day handling time per order or lower. Having a handling time above 4 days could hurt your reputation.

If you are using your own chosen carrier, it’s important for you to add the shipment details as soon as possible so that buyers can start tracking their orders online. Doing this will help you keep your buyers happy, reduce complaints and negative feedback. Here’s how to do it:

2. Quality attention (complaints)

It measures the number of complaints you receive from your buyers.
In order to have a green reputation, your maximum complaints rate should be 2%.

There are some exceptions that won’t be considered as complaints, for example:

» When the buyer regrets the purchase

» When the buyer wants to exchange a product in the Autoparts, Fashion or Shoes categories.

Most of the time, buyers make complaints because they don’t have enough information about their order or because they don’t get a satisfactory reply from the seller. The best way to avoid complaints is to offer an excellent post-sale support. Make sure you answer their messages and keep them updated about the status of their order.

3. Sales canceled by you

This metric takes into account all orders cancelled by you.

To achieve a green reputation, you should keep a 3% rate of cancellations or lower.

How do i know my reputation color?

Go to your Reputation and switch to the marketplace you want to see. There, you can learn all about your color and quality of service.

Learn how your reputation affects your sales

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