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Turn questions into orders

The questions that your buyers are asking in your listings provide a great opportunity to connect and to give them accurate answers in order to encourage sales.

Answer quickly

Responding in time is critical to maintaining your buyer’s interest. Response time is the time that elapses from when a user asks a question until you answer it.


We can divide the response time into different bands:

Reducing response time is a learning process that takes place gradually. At first it will take you longer than expected to stay in zone 2 or 3, until you achieve your goal: Reaching zone 1, support the intention to buy and achieve the sale.


Answer with quality



Speed alone does not help us make a sale. You must achieve connection and empathy with your customer to understand what their needs are and respond in a concrete and complete way to answer their questions and concerns.

To be able to respond completely and accurately, the person in charge of this task must know the product of the listing perfectly.


Encourage dialogue with your buyer



The only one who can open the communication channel is your potential buyer. Therefore, once they ask a question it is important that you take advantage of this instance of dialogue.

In some cases you can use the resource of cross-examination: include questions within your answers that will help you understand what your client needs and thus be able to get him to buy your product.


Generate closeness

We know that many buyers often ask about information you already put in the product description. Patience! Look for different strategies to respond in a friendly way and, with your own style, generate closeness with your buyer.

Help the user to advance in his purchase process

It is very important that you identify what stage of purchase the user is in and what they need to decide to move forward: Are they defining the type of product they want to buy? Are they comparing your offer with another seller’s? If you can identify this, your answers will be faster and more effective. You will help your customer move forward faster in the buying process.

You can detect the stage of purchase according to the type of question:

» Technical questions: Those related to the product. The user is still analyzing the product.

» Operational questions: Those related to the shipping or payment method. The user is choosing your product or comparing you with other vendors.


Identify the most frequently asked questions

Analyze the questions that are asked daily and detect the ones that are repeated the most. Correct or add information in the listing description as “frequently asked questions” along with their answers.

The better you describe what you offer in the description and product specification sheet, your buyers will make less turns and make more specific questions to finalize the purchase.


Build your own response file

Create a basic outline with possible questions and answers. This will save you a lot of time and you will only have to adapt the texts in more specific questions.


Expand your sales force

We know that every business is at a different stage of development. Having people dedicated to answering the questions in your listings helps you to understand your buyer to give a better service.

Over time, you will have an expert sales and customer service team that will achieve exponential growth of your business.

Responding quickly is about preparing your organization to do so

Make the most out of the questions from your buyers

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