Pricing and Fee Structure

Mandatory and non-mandatory fees

Mercado Libre has 2 types of fees: mandatory and non-mandatory fees. Selling and Shipping fees are mandatory, whilst Long-Term Storage fees and Pickup fees depend on you.


Check out our Selling and Shipping fees.

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Review our Long-Term Storage and Pickup fees.

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Selling Fees

With Mercado Libre you’ll know the applicable fees for your products from the start. Bear in mind the following key points:

Free listing

Listing products in Mercado Libre is free. Always. Remember your products must meet a minimum listing price.

Marketplace and category

Fees only apply after an order is placed. The selling fee varies depending on the marketplace and product category.

Interest-free installments

The selling fee includes interest-free installments for your buyers, —a popular financing option in Latin America—. With it your listing will gain more exposure and higher conversion rates.





Shipping Fees

As a seller, you’ll have to assume part of the shipping costs. This value depends on:


This is based on the experience you offer to your customers.

Origin/Destination country

From where and to where your products will go.

Shipping method

The shipping logistics method you choose: Fulfillment or Direct to consumer.

Shipping fee calculator

Shipping fees vary depending on your logistics method, product’s weight and dimensions, and the shipping origin/destination.

Estimate your costs from the start with our Shipping fee calculator.

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Long-Term Storage Fees (Mexico only)

Items stored in our fulfillment centers for more than 60 days will generate a per unit monthly fee. This fee depends on product aging and size within its primary packaging.

You can avoid them by selling or picking them up on time.

Pickup Fee (Mexico only)

As from April 19, we will charge for picking up items in stock from our Fulfillment Centers. This fee will depend on the item’s size within its primary packaging.

Keep in mind!

Avoid non-mandatory fees by shipping your products to our Fulfillment Centers in the right quantities and keeping track of its aging.

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