Shipping solutions to Latin America

Mercado Envios: Mercado Libre’s shipping solution

Mercado Envios is a logistics solution offered by Mercado Libre that you can use to ship your orders to all your Latin American customers. You can choose between two options:

Mercado Envios Full

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Mercado Envios Direct to consumers

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Mercado Envios Full

With Mercado Envios Full you can store your stock in bulk in our warehouses, and we’ll take care of the entire logistics process. With this service we make sure all your packages are handled and processed with optimal standards, aiming to provide same day or next day delivery.

What are the benefits of Mercado Envios Full?

Free of charge*

No storage or packing fee

*Depending on storage time. Check out Mercado Envios Full Pricing.

Greater marketplace exposure

Your listings get highlighted in our search results

Express delivery

Same day or next day deliveries to your buyers

Exclusive packaging

MELI branded boxes and envelopes for all your products

Top after-sales service

After-sales messages from your buyers are replied by MELI

*Depending on storage time. Check out Mercado Envios Full Pricing.

Mercado Envios Full

Ship your products to our fullfilment centers. We’ll take care of the rest. Currently available in Mexico and Chile.

Learn more

1. List your items

Publish your products on Global-Selling

2. Ship to Mercado Libre

Ship your items to our fulfillment centers

3. Make a sale

Promote your listings and make a sale

4. Packaging

We pack your items with all the security measures

5. Delivery to buyer

We make sure your items arrive safely to your buyer

Mercado Envios Direct to Consumers

Ship your products with our partnered carriers. Currently available for Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

1. List your items

Publish your products. Make sure to include size and weight information to calculate shipping costs and taxes for each country. Check out the package size and weight restrictions.

2. Make a sale

Promote your listings and make a sale

3. Attach shipping label

Print and attach the shipping label that was automatically generated in your account

4. Ship to carrier

Items must be delivered to the carrier within 3 business days.

5. Delivery to buyer

Packages are delivered depending on the carrier’s standard shipping times.