How Global Selling Platform works

The easiest way to sell in Latin America

With Global Selling you can manage your business in 4 different Latin American marketplaces, all from a single account. Once you’ve signed up, you can list your products for free, receive payments in USD, and communicate with your Latin American buyers using our automated translation tool.

List for free with Global Selling

Restricted products

Before listing, review which are the restricted products of the destination country. If you plan on using one of our partnered carriers, bear in mind the package size and weight restrictions.

International payment flows

Forget about currency fluctuations

Despite the currency of your customers, you’ll receive an international wire in USD (minus applicable fees). This payment will reflect every 2 weeks either on your bank or Payoneer account.

Keep in mind!

The minimum amount to be transferred is 500 USD. If your pending transfer amount is lower, payment will be deferred until the minimum amount is reached.

Our selling fee includes free installments for the buyer, a common payment method used in Latin American.

Shipping solutions to Latin America

Mercado Envios Full

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Mercado Envios Direct to consumers

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Improve your sales with our Seller Reputation System and Mercado Libre Ads

Reputation system:

Having a good seller reputation has the following benefits:
  • Your products rank higher, thus, more exposure.
  • Your engagement and conversion rates boost since reputation influences the purchasing decision of your buyers.
  • You save up to 60% in shipping costs.

Mercado Ads:

This built-in solution lets you manage your advertising campaigns. With it, you’ll be able to customize your budget at any time and enhance your products’ visibility in the marketplace. It’s a pay-as-you-go feature, meaning you only pay once a user clicks on your ads.

Keep continuous communication with your buyers with a realtime translation system

Translations between English, Spanish and Portuguese

Our integrated translator allows you to handle all processes in English, covering translations for pre and post-sale questions as well as claims management. Read the following pieces of advice to turn questions into orders and boost your sales.

Post-sale response service level

Depending on your customer service and your questions response time, you can create and maintain a good Seller’s Reputation. Aim to reply every buyer contact within 24hrs to avoid unnecessary complaints.