Selling fee and Additional per unit fee

Listing products in Mercado Libre is free. However, once an order is placed, you’ll be charged a Selling fee. This fee varies: in Brazil, it’s a fixed percentage; in the other marketplaces, it depends on the product category.

In addition to this, for all marketplaces, except Brazil, we charge the Additional per unit fee for every additional low-cost product sold. This fee is charged until you reach the defined threshold for each marketplace.

Keep in mind that your listings will have the following benefits across all marketplaces:

  • Maximum exposure
  • Unlimited duration
  • Interest-free installments for your buyers

  Selling fee Additional per unit fee
Brazil 16.5% per order N/A
Chile View fee per category CLP$ 500 In products up to CLP$ 16,990
Colombia COP$ 2100 In products up to COP$ 70,000
Mexico MXN$ 25 In products up to MXN$ 298


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