Selling fee and Additional Per Unit fee

Listing products in Mercado Libre is free. However, you’ll be charged a Selling Fee once an order is placed. This fee varies depending on the country: for Brazil, it’s a specific percentage; whereas for the other marketplaces, it depends on the product category. *View Selling fees per category. 

Additionally, for all marketplaces, except Brazil, we charge an Additional Per Unit Fee for every additional low-cost product sold. This fee is charged until you reach the defined threshold for each marketplace. *View exempted categories. 

Listing Types: Classic and Premium 

We have different listing types, learn more about the characteristics and benefits associated with each one and continue to plan your sales strategy.  

Below, you will find the description of the Classic and Premium Listing types so you can choose the one that best suits your business, please note that the Classic Listing option is currently available for Brazil only.

Classic Listing Type:

- Competitive pricing: Reduce the prices of your products and increase your competitiveness.

- Exposure: High.

- Duration: Unlimited.                     

- Interest-free Installment for your buyers: Not available for this option.


Premium Listing Type:

- Exposure: Maximum.

- Duration: Unlimited.

- Interest-free Installment for your buyers: Offer your products in installments without interest


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