Selling Fees

Listing a product in Mercado Libre is always free. Please note:

  • You will pay a fee when you sell. In some marketplaces it will be a fixed percentage and, in the others it will depend on the product category.

  • Your product price must be higher than the minimum listing price. If you want to sell products at a lower value, set up kits and offer them combined in the same listing.

  México Brazil Chile
Selling Fee The fee varies per category You will pay 16% per order You will pay 16% per order
Additional Per Unit Fee in low cost products MXN $ 15 additional per unit fee in products of up to MXN $ 299 No additional per unit fee No additional per unit fee
Minimum listing price MXN $ 20 BRL $ 7 CLP $ 350
Listing Exposure Maximum
Listing Duration Unlimited
Offers interest-free installments  

Selling Fees in México

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You will find on this table the percentages according to the product category.

If you wish, you can refer to the selling fee by searching per category.

Categories Percentage
+ MXN $15 additional per unit in products up to MXN $299
Electronics Televisions 14,5%
Video game consoles 12,5%
Computers and printers 14,5%
Mobiles and smartphones 14,5%
Audio and video 14,5%
Cameras and drones 14,5%
Electronic devices 17,5%
Automobile Auto parts (except audio and video) 17,5%
Consumer products Food and drink 14,5%
Personal hygiene 17,5%
Cleaning products 17,5%
Health and beauty Health and medical equipment 17,5%
Beauty 17,5%
Babies Babies (except apparel and food) 19,5%
Games and toys 19,5%
Sports Other sport and fitness items (except apparel and shoes) 19,5%
Bikes and cycling (except apparel and shoes) 19,5%
Fashion and apparel Clothing, shoes, bags and accessories 19,5%
Watches 19,5%
Jewelry 22,5%
Home White line appliances 19,5%
Small appliances 19,5%
Home (interior and exterior) 19,5%
Tools and construction Manual tools 19,5%
Electric tools 16,5%
Building materials 19,5%
Hobbies, art and entertainment Multimedia, books and other entertainment items 19,5%
Concert tickets 19,5%
Video games 19,5%
Hobbies, art and collectibles 19,5%
Musical instruments 19,5%
Games and toys 19,5%
Pets Pets 17,5%
Pet food 14,5%
Industry, company and office Stationery and others 14,5%
Industry and office 16,5%
Others   22,5%

Additional per unit fee for products up to MXN $ 299 

For these products, you will pay an fixed fee of MXN $ 15 per unit, in addition to the sales fee of the corresponding category.

Costs for offering free shipping

In addition to selling fees, there will be cases when you will need to offer free shipping to your buyers, thus undertaking the shipping costs.

The costs will depend on the origin and destination country, the carrier and the shipping method that you use.

Review the costs for offering free shipping and the discounts we give according to your reputation.



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