If you have a request in process,please check its status.
If you have a request in process,please check its status.

Protect your intellectual property all across Mercado Libre

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We protect your creations as if they were our ownLearn more about BPP and the reporting tool

Brand Protection Program - Results 2022

In this video, we present the results obtained by the different initiatives of our Brand Protection team in 2022. We are very proud to share with you the achievements and significant advances that we have made in the fight against intellectual property infringements on the site. Confidence is what moves us and these results show that we are on the right track. “We protect your creations as if they were ours” #OrgulloMeli

Participating brands

brand protection microsoftbrand protection smartprotectionbrand protection incoprobrand protection telecombrand protection levis
brand protection matelbrand protection redpointsbrand protection legobrand protection esetbrand protection ether_city
brand protection bsabrand protection corsearchbrand protection tommybrand protection canonbrand protection epson
Join our Brand Protection Program
  • Protection of your rights

    Report listings on Mercado Libre to assure that all products our sellers offer are legitimate.

  • We improve with your reports

    With each listing reported, we improve our automatic detections and improve our efficiency as a team.

  • Quick and effective penalties

    We remove infringing listings and sanction recidivist sellers.

  • Guidance to sellers

    With the Educational Program, you are able to offer guidelines to sellers, so that they do not infringe your intellectual property.

This is all you can do
  • Manage your reports, all in one place

    Check your reports status and review the sellers' reply from our tool.

  • Save time in your searches

    We save your searches in the tool, making your work easy.

  • Do not miss anything

    Report listings individually or in bulk.

  • Promote teamwork

    Create different user profiles in your account and improve your monitoring.

  • Reports tailored to your needs

    Download reports by date ranges, auditor and seller.

  • Monitor all the region

    Search listings in all countries that we operate in and report the infringements to your rights.

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You will be able to know in detail the tools we offer to protect your intellectual property all across Mercado Libre.
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