Sign up for Brand Protection Program in 4 steps

Follow our tips to complete the registration process correctly

Prepare the required documents

Check the required documentation taking into account the rights you want to register:

Important: if you are a proxy, it is necessary to have documentation proving the power granted by the holder so that the rights are protected.

Make sure that the document complies with all therequirements.

Fill out the registration form

Please inform if you are the owner or proxy and which rights you want to sign up.

Important: fill out the "public details" field with the email you are not using in Mercado Libre. Make sure to check the details before submitting the form.

Wait for the reply to your request

After sending the request, we will check the information and within 48 working hours, we will send a reply to the email address informed in the "Public details" section of the form.

If you already have a request in progress, you cancheck the statusat any time.

Create your credentials

After your sign up request is approved, you will receive a welcome message in your email with a link to create your access credentials.

When you enter the platform, you will find video tutorials with answers to frequently asked questions about the tool and its functionalities.

Sign up for our Brand Protection Program and enforce your rights

If you have any questions about the registration process, please check the frequently asked questions.To learn more about the program download our Toolkit.

Frequently asked questions about the enrollment process

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When can I enter my account?

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