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What are my costs to operate with Full in Mexico

How storage fees work at Full for your units in Mexico and what other fees you can avoid.

Cost for the daily storage service

Storing your stock at Full generates a daily fee per unit that we call “Daily storage fees”, which is calculated upon the size of the product. More about the daily storage fees for Mexico

Old stock fees

When your units are stored for longer than 2 months in the Mexico warehouse, an additional fee will be charged, called “Old stock fee”. It is calculated at the end of your billing period, and it exists so we can ensure there will always be available room in the distribution center for the best selling products that require more shipments.

The fee for each product depends upon its size and the time stored in the warehouse. Check Mexico's fees for old stock

So that you can anticipate such fees, in the Old stock fees section we show how much you would pay for your stored units at the end of your billing period. This way you can review which listings you could improve in order to sell faster, or which units you could pick up from Full. 

Pick up stock from the warehouse

When you no longer want to keep selling your stock at Full or when your stock is not suitable, you can pick it up from the warehouse or discard it: 

Pickup with local delivery: You can receive the products at the delivery address of your choice so you can sell your stock through different channels or means.

Stock discard: We will be in charge of the stock you no longer want to own nor receive at your address. You will not be able to recover it. Depending on its state, we may donate it to non-profits or destroy it.

For both services, the fee is calculated upon the stock's total volume. The higher the volume, the lower the fee per cubic meter will be.

Keep in mind that the stock discard is cheaper since we manage it without the need to send it to a particular address. Check fees for pick up and discard stock in Mexico

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