Storage service fees at Full

Units stored at Full generate a daily fee according to the size in their primary package. The fee starts to be charged once your products enter the warehouse and stops when you sell or pick them up.

Product size Daily fee per unit

Small product
(0 to 1,200 cm3)
E.g., mouse.

MXN $ 0.010

Medium product
(1,201 to 30,000 cm3)
E.g., laptop.

MXN $ 0.023

Large product
(More than 30,000 cm3)
E.g., microwave.

MXN $ 0.333

How do we calculate storage service fees

At the close of your monthly billing, we will review the fees you had each day for your stored units and generate the total amount to be paid. 

For example: if you had 1 small unit stored for 10 days and then sold it, at the close of your billing you will pay MXN $0.10 (MXN $0.010 x 10 days).

How to track the storage service fees

From the Shipping and Stock Control section, you can find a report where you can review the daily fees of your stored units. 


Note that some units could be temporarily exempt from this charge if they fall under the exceptions for the daily storage fee.

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