Monthly fees for old stock at Full

Units that have been stored for more than 2 months (60 calendar days) since they entered the warehouse will generate a monthly fee for old stock. We consider the storage time of the units suitable for sale and not suitable for sale.

How monthly old stock fees are generated

Before the closing of each billing period, we will review how much stock you have unsold or with pending pickup. If there are units stored for longer than 2 months, we will calculate the monthly fee you should pay for each unit, depending on their size in the packaging and for how long they have been stored.

In the Old stock fees section you can see the size assigned to your units, how long they have been stored for, and how much you have to pay for each one in case you do not sell or pick them up before your billing period closes.

How to avoid monthly fees for old stock

To avoid old stock fees, make sure you sell or pick up your products before they complete 2 months in storage at Full and follow these recommendations:

  • Ship your products to Full in the right quantities
    Send to the warehouse stock for a maximum of 60 days of sales. When preparing your shipments, you will be able to see the maximum number of units based on your history. In addition, in the Sales section you can download a report which will help you to calculate how many quantities to send for each product.
  • Periodically review the time of your units at Full
    From the old stock fees section, you can monthly check which units could generate charges.
  • Improve the listings of what you are not selling before it starts generating feesEdit the listings of the products you think you can sell before the billing period closes to make them more attractive. For example, you can offer discounts, free shipping and interest-free installments.

Pick up the stock you think will not be sold 

Pick up the units that are not up for sale and the ones you are not selling as expected. We recommend you to schedule your pickup at least 15 days in advance, as availability is not immediate because we need a few days to prepare your units.

Disposal of unpicked units

If the units are not picked up on the scheduled date, keep in mind they can be:

  • Donated

  • Delivered to the corresponding authorities

  • Discarded

  • Sold at a discount, at your expense (based on objective criteria)

For additional details, please check the corresponding Terms and Conditions of Mercado Envíos Full for Mexico and Chile.

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