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Check how we protect intellectual property on Mercado Libre

Our priority is to ensure a safe and reliable shopping experience for buyers on Mercado Libre.

What is intellectual property?

It is the legal protection that a company or a person obtains over their original works of art, creations, inventions or symbols used to identify their goods or services.

Some examples are:

  • Trademarks 
  • Original photos or images 
  • Literary and artistic works 
  • Protected two-dimensional or three-dimensional designs 
  • Patented inventions
  • Performances, productions or access to protected content
  • Plant varieties


How is intellectual property enforced?

At Mercado Libre, we have developed a program for right owners to protect their intellectual property rights, named the Brand Protection Program (BPP), which allows them or their representatives to report listings that allegedly infringe their rights. In other words, this program takes care of creations as if they were our own.

In addition to processing notices received through the BPP, we strive for the compliance of our Terms and Conditions, and could also remove listings based on intellectual property infringements reported by  authorities or our users or detected by  ourselves.

If your listing is reported by a right owner through the BPP and you believe that you have not infringed its rights you will be able to dispute the claim and reply to the notice  providing evidence to support your argument.

All about intellectual property and moderations

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