Listings that infringe intellectual property rights

Mercado Libre does not allow listing content that infringes laws on trademarks, copyrights, patents, utility models, industrial designs, geographical indications  or appellations of origin and/or regulations related to any other type of industrial and intellectual property rights.

These are some examples of listings that are prohibited on Mercado Libre because they do not comply with our policies:

Selling counterfeit products 

Selling products as if they were branded, but which in fact are not. In other words, they were neither manufactured nor authorized by the trademark owners..

Offering a product with the Xiaomi logo or that mentions that it is from the Xiaomi brand when in fact it is not.
Offer products that copy a characteristic shape associated with a brand, such as earbuds similar to AirPods. Learn more


Listing products unauthorized for sale

Products not destined for sale

Free samples.
Products granted in the form of borrowingo.


Using unauthorized third-party brands

Including logos in the listings images or using third-party brands in the products without the owner's authorization.

Editing photos to add other brands logos.
Listing products with prints or designs with third-party brands without authorization.
Mentioning other brands to describe a product using words like "similar", "type" or "replica":

- Tedge-type speaker adapter/Motorola-type cell phone charger
- Speaker adapter similar to Tedge/Cell phone charger similar to Motorola
- Adaptador de speaker similar a Tedge / Cargador de celular similar a Motorola.


Listing copies unauthorized by the copyright owner

This includes artistic or literary work, such as books, movies, software or video games.

Software licenses or digital programs, such as Adobe Suite or Microsoft 365, regardless of the format: CD, DVD, USB sticks or pen drives..
Video games preloaded on original consoles.
Books in a format unauthorized by their author or editor, such as PDF or copies.
Music, courses, event videos, series or movies in a non-original format: CD, DVD, pen drives or USB sticks.


Using third-party content without proper authorization in your listing

Copy the description or use the manufacturer website product photos in the listing.
Using photos or images of different search tools, such as Google, Bing and Microsoft or using Catalog images without proper authorization.
Products reproducing images of artists and performers and that are not original merchandise authorized by the owners, such as T-shirts, paintings, pillows, posters, all kinds of sublimated products or other unofficial promotional products.


Listing products or services that result in intellectual property rights infringement

Decoders, receivers, converters, FTA, IPTV or Android TV box equipment, dongles or antennas providing open or free TV signals, which can only be subscribed.
IPTV services advertising free or open TV signals, which can only be subscribed.


Listing products copying or infringing an industrial model or design, patent or utility model without the proper authorization of the owner

It is prohibited to list products with protected form, aspect, design or monograms, for example:

Special containers for perfumes or beverage bottles
Package design
Intelligent light bulb



Please note that the infringement of our intellectual property policies can lead to the prohibition of listing products belonging to certain brands again and/or the partial or permanent suspension to sell on the website. 

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