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Tools to resolve complaints and take better care of your reputation

Offering the best post-sales experience to your buyers can now be easier for you and more valuable for your business in Mercado Libre.

To help you manage your complaints, we have launched a series of tools in Mercado Libre, that allow you to organize your time and resolve problems more quickly.

But that is not all. If you resolve complaints about delivered products within 2 business days it won’t affect your reputation!

Save time with simplified management

We have integrated the management of complaints with the Order messages for the marketplace.

Now you can check the status of a complaint (1) and decide how to resolve it (3) from the same screen where you talk to the buyer.

Also, you can check automated translations of messages sent by your buyers(2), and choose to respond in English or Spanish as well. (4)

Here is another opportunity to take care of your reputation

If a complaint is opened, your reputation may be affected. This can be automatically reversed when the buyer closes the complaint stating that you helped them.

Besides that, we have added a new way to protect your reputation after you receive a complaint about a delivered product. That complaint will no longer affect you if you choose one of these ways to resolve it within 2 business days after the complaint is initiated:


1. Refund money

If you choose this option, we will refund the money to the buyer, and the complaint will be closed. We will understand that you do not want the product back. Therefore, the buyer can keep it.


2. Offer return

With this option, you will allow the buyer to return the product to your local return address. You can track the shipment and let us know if any problem arises, and we will refund the buyer.

Bear in mind you need to have a local return address to allow the buyers to return the products to you.

Important: choose one of these solutions within 2 business days, or the buyer may decide to return the product to you, and the complaint will continue affecting your reputation.

Control the complaints and resolve them efficiently

We understand that you need to have your most recent complaints at hand to resolve them in time. Therefore, we have created a new filter in your orders dashboard that collects the complaints from the last 2 days.

In addition, in the orders list, we would like you to quickly identify the complaints that you want to resolve first to protect your reputation.

For this reason, in the detail of each complaint, we let you know if it affects you if you resolve it within the time indicated. We give you the exact time period, so you can establish priorities and define which you prefer to start with. (1)

Finally, thanks to the new problem history of the order, you can record everything that happened with the product and the delivery, and check whether it affected your reputation or not (1).

With the new tools in Mercado Libre, we seek to help you streamline your post-sales management, better serve your buyers, and benefit from it.

These are some of the changes we will begin to bring you, so you continue to choose our platform as the ideal place to make your business grow.

The release date for this feature depends on the marketplace. Please keep checking our latest information to find out the sites where the new tools are already available.

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