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Tips to prevent your buyers from opening a complaint

Complaints impact your reputation and the trust you have as a seller. Here are a few tips to avoid complaints and offer a better purchase experience.

What is the reputation complaint rate

The complaint rate is an indicator that shows the dissatisfaction of your customers in relation to your listings, products and service offered. You can view the complaints and the reason for each one in your orders list. You can also download a list of all complaints in the Reputation section. Please note that if you cannot request the report it is because you have no complaints in your seller reputation period.

Remember that the complaint metric must always remain below 2%.


Complaints of products stored at Full

Only complaints related to product quality will affect your reputation: defective, with factory problems and products that do not or no longer work.

Other complaints will not affect your reputation, such as opened or damaged packaging. Also, your reputation will not be affected when a buyer regrets the purchase.


How to avoid complaints for a product different from that agreed on

» The product is incomplete, accessories are missing or the buyer has received fewer products than those purchased.

This usually happens when there are more items in the photos than those you are selling in that listing. To avoid this, limit your photos and describe which accessories your product includes.

If your product has accessories, include detailed photos of them.

Learn more about the images in your listings.


» The product received is of a different color, size or model.

It is very important that you add the variations of your product, such as size, color, model, etc. This way, the buyer will know all the options available before making the purchase. You can change this data in My Listings > Change > Add or change variations.

Remember to fill out the universal code of each product to avoid errors when packing and make sure that the product to be shipped is the correct one.


Learn how to add variations


» The product that you buyer received is not the same as the product listed

This can happen because sometimes the product image is not clear or the product is different from the images. Also, the description may not be clear.

If you notice that the complaint is recurrent in your listings, we recommend that you:

  • Change or add new photos. Having real photos of your product is essential to show all the details of what you are selling to your customer. Remember that your customers are buying a product remotely and that you can show in different ways what you are selling through the images. To improve your photos, follow these tips.
  • Review the product specification sheet and description. Adjust the product description to specify its origin, what it includes, what it does not include, what it is for, how it works.

Remember that the more concrete information you include in the listing, the less confusion and complaints you will receive.


Complaint for a defective product

» The product is broken or scratched 

This may occur due to a packaging problem. If you receive this complaint, try packing your products differently and reinforce quality control before the product leaves your warehouse. If you have problems with the condition of your product packaging or if it is damaged during the shipping process, please contact Customer Service so that your seller reputation is not affected.

It is important that you ship products with boxes that are in good condition.


» The product has a factory defect or does not work totally or partially

If your product has a factory defect, contact your supplier and try to update your stock with good quality products.

To prevent the buyer from opening a complaint for not knowing how to use the product correctly, we recommend that you include instructions in the box for the correct use of the product. You can also send the instructions by Messaging.


» The packaging is intact, but the product is damaged.

If this happens, check how you are shipping the products.Protect them properly when packing and make sure they are well stored in your warehouseas if badly protected, they can be damaged before shipment.


Complaint for problems with the seller or product

» I contacted the seller but there was no reply. 

The service offered to your customers is important. Whenever your buyers ask you something after the purchase,answer clearly and quickly, so that they feel heard and secure with the purchase.

If you notice that this kind of complaint is recurrent, look for exclusive resources to answer the messages. When the buyer does not receive an answer and something bothers him, he will probably open a complaint. Answer the questions and messages from your buyers to ensure good communication with your customers and avoid possible complaints.

When the product has an extended delivery time, it is very important that you add the stock availability so that your customer knows when the product will be received before making the purchase. In case of problems, remember to keep your customers informed through Messaging.

It is important that all the messages you send are relevant. Do not send unnecessary content. For example, avoid always informing that the product delivery is delayed, based on the different shipping methods (post office/courier, on-site collection, etc.), as this confuses the buyer and will likely generate a complaint.

A customized service makes the difference. We recommend not to confuse or overload the buyer with messages.

Remember to avoid communicating proactively with your customers. Mercado Libre is in charge of keeping customers informed about delivery times so you don’t have to worry about it.

Learn more about after-sales service with Messaging.


» Delays in shipping your product at the post office.

If you take too long to take your products to the Post Office/courier, it will affect your seller reputation. If you use Mercado Envios, the handling time should not exceed 24 working hours.

If you notice that you cannot ship the product within the suggested time period, write to the buyer and inform the new delivery times. Remember to transmit confidence, be clear when explaining the reasons for the delay and avoid giving excuses.


» The product is out of stock.

Keep a strict daily control of the products you have available in your warehouse, so that it is clear which listing should be paused.

To keep your seller reputation green, you should avoid this type of problem.

If you know when you will have the stock available again, add this information in the listing, so that your buyer knows when the product will arrive.


Some useful tips to take into account

Follow these tips to improve the quality of your services and keep your seller reputation always green. 

» Note if you have any listing that is generating many complaints. If that happens, it may be time to pause or cancel the listing until you are able to fix it and make sure it will not happen again.

» If you have received a complaint about an incorrect classification, you can start the mediation at the time of the complaint, and ask a customer service representative to change the reason.

Please consider that if you make this request and the change does not correspond, the complaint will continue to affect your reputation. You may submit the complaint to mediation and ask a Customer Service representative for help or, once the complaint is closed, you may request the exclusion of the complaint from the Sales section.

» Your reputation will not be affected when the order is canceled by the buyer, as long as the cancellation is not due to your fault as a seller.

» Remember: never cancel an order. If that happens, your reputation will be adversely affected.

Add your listings correctly and avoid unnecessary complaints

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