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How to list electrical and fuel products in Chile

Find out what Chilean regulations require for listing electrical and fuel products.

According to the rules of the Superintendencia de Electricidad y Combustible* (SEC), your listings related to electrical and fuel products must include specific information about the efficiency and safety of the products.

This norm applies to all electrical and fuel products, such as household and small appliances, lamps, cables, switches, and extension cords. This certification is required by Decree 298 and by the regulations in force in the country.

What information should I include?

Suppose you list products that connect to the electrical grid (such as electrical appliances, power tools, cell phone chargers, and electric showers, among other examples) and/or fuels. In that case, you must complete the following information fields in the technical data sheet of your products as follows:

  • "SEC stamp" field with an image of the SEC Mark (QR code) corresponding to your selling product. The SEC stamp is a logo with a QR code that the corresponding authority assigns to each brand and model of the product after proving that it is safe to be sold in the country.

Learn more about electrical safety certifications here

(Please note that this link will take you to detailed information on the products that require mandatory certification in Chile according to the regulations in force.)

If you are listing products subject to energy efficiency or fuel regulations (such as electric water heaters and water heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, fluorescent lamps, etc.), in addition to the above information, please also include a photo of your product's energy efficiency stamp.


  • If you have active listings for these products, please edit them to include this information.  
  • Contact your distributor and/or manufacturer for this information, if you do not have it.


Additional considerations for children's electrical products

Remember that according to IEC 60335-1 and SEC regulations, it is prohibited to market electrical products shaped or decorated as toys, such as animals, characters, people, or scale models.

Why do I have to include this information?

Chilean regulations require these rules and are mandatory. 

Make sure that your listings comply with our Product Approvals and Certifications policies, to avoid your listings being sanctioned.

Keep in mind that the Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) may ask us to suspend listings that do not comply with these standards, either because they correspond to non-approved product models or because the listings do not show the SEC stamp and/or corresponding labels. 

If you have questions about electrical issues or need guidance on complaints you have received about your listings. In that case, you can contact the SEC contact channels listed in this link (email, telephone, online centers, or office).


*Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels

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