How to identify your products to send them to Full

When you prepare your shipments, we will show you how to identify the products:

  • Entering the universal codes. 

  • Attaching Mercado Libre labels.  

All the products must have at least one of these identifications visible in their primary packing. Without them, we are not able to enter them because we will not be able to know to which listing they belong to.

So we can put them up for sale faster, we recommend that you attach the Mercado Libre product label. 

Identifying products with universal codes

Universal code

Complete the universal codes while preparing the shipment. It is very important that you check if the declared code corresponds to the one of the physical product you will ship. Otherwise we will need your help to identify it and will take longer to put them up for sale.

Follow these tips to enter your universal codes:  

  • While preparing the shipment, enter or verify the code that is printed on the product next to the barcode.

  • Don’t cover the product information or barcode.

  • If you sell kits or the product doesn’t have a code, mark the N/A (not applicable).

Identifying products with Mercado Libre labels

Product label

Even if you identify the products with universal codes, during the preparation of your shipments, we will ask you to print and attach the Mercado Libre labels on each product. This way we will be able to enter them faster. 

Follow these tips to stick your labels: 

  • Stick the label on the primary packing, on the largest side of the product.

  • Don’t cover the product information or barcode.

  • If your products come in Master Boxes, it is not necessary to label them, simply attach the Mercado Libre volume label.

  • If you ship large products in their primary packing, attach the product label next to the volume label so that we can recognize it as a sales unit. For example: Printer.

  • If you sell kits, group the products and attach a Mercado Libre label in the primary packaging.

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