What are the listing limits?

Sellers in Global Selling are given an established listing limit per marketplace of operation. With this limit, we ensure that only top-performing items are being showcased, thus, offering the best buying experience to our visitors. 

Listing limits are established according to your reputation as a seller. Bearing this in mind, the higher your reputation level, the higher your listing limit will be.


Take into account that, if you’re a seller with green reputation in Mexico and orange reputation in Brazil, you’ll be able to have up to 50.000 active listings in Mexico and up to 15.000 active listings in Brazil. 

Increasing listing limits

As stated before, your listing limits depend on your reputation as a seller. If you’re keen on increasing your listing limit, keep an eye on the following variables:

  • Orders with complaints
  • Handling time
  • Cancellations
  • Mediations

Take into consideration that each of these variables has an established percentage per marketplace.

Difference between Listing Limits and Daily Quota

On the one hand, listing limits refer to the total number of active listings a seller is allowed to have. On the other hand, daily quota is the maximum amount of daily listings a seller can add. Currently, Global Selling sellers can add up to a maximum of 10.000 listings per site and day.  

Keep in mind…

You’ll be notified once you’ve exceeded your listing limit in one or more marketplaces. If this is your case, you have the possibility to either pause or delete them, in order to add more listings. 

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