Intellectual Property Protection (Brand Protection Program)

The Brand Protection Program is a Mercado Libre initiative to promote respect for all kind of creations and to help Intellectual Property holders protect their rights on our platform

The program also seeks to help sellers have a safe space to sell, where their products are valued.

In addition, we try to take care of our buyers, so that they find original products of the best quality.

What happens when a seller receives a report?

Upon receiving a report from a rights holder who is a member of the program:

  • The listing will be paused, so that the seller has the chance to make the counter-notice.
  • If the report is not responded, the listing will be permanently deleted.
  • If the report is responded, the rights holder will review the counter-notice and could accept or refuse the arguments and, depending on the case, request to reactivate the listing or permanently delete it.
  • If the listing is deleted, the seller could be subject to sanctions.
  • If the violation occurs again,  the listing account and the accounts related to the seller could be permanently disabled.

For further information about the program, check out this section.

Download the Brand Protection Program Toolkit to learn more about how we support intellectual property protection. 

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