Listings that infringes intellectual property rights

We do not allow to list:

Content that infringes the laws on trademarks, copyrights, patents, utility models, industrial models and designs, geographical indications or appellations of origin and/or any other rules related to industrial and intellectual property rights.
Check some examples of infringements to avoid the removal of your listings:

1. Examples of brand infringements

  • List counterfeit products, i.e., products that include third-party brands and that have not been manufactured or authorized by their holders.
  • Mention other brands to describe a product using words such as: "similar", "kind of" or "replica".
  • If your product is generic:
    • If it is not branded, include the term "generic" in the product specification sheet.
    • If it is compatible with other brands, always describe it in the title and description, writing "compatible with the corresponding brands".
  • Include in the listings logos of a brand without authorization from the holder, even if they are original products.
  • List products with trademark prints or designs.
  • List products that have not been authorized for trading.
    • e.g.: free samples or products granted on a lending basis.
  • List packages containing products that are not original.

2. Examples of copyright infringements

  • Listing unauthorized copies of books (such as in PDF format), manuals, study guides, courses, software, video games, photos, music or movies; or derivative works, without the rights holder permission, such as translations and adaptations. To avoid violations, you can list used original copies or also offer courses whenever you offer them yourself and advertise them as services.
  • Use third-party content in your listing without proper authorization. For example, copying a product description or photos from the manufacturer's website and using them in your listing.
  • List products that enable or result in a infringement of intellectual property rights. For example, TV decoders.

3. Examples of infringements on patents and utility models, industrial designs and models

  • List products that copy or infringe an industrial model or design or a patent or utility model without the authorization of the holder.
    • e.g.: a product that has protected shapes, designs or monograms.


 We will remove listings that do not comply with our Policies and/or infringe any applicable law. This could result in temporary or even permanent suspension of the account.
Download the Brand Protection Program Toolkit to learn more about how we support intellectual property protection. 

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