Join the Brand Protection Program

The program was created so that rights holders and their representatives can report listings that infringe their rights on Mercado Libre.

If you already have a request in process, please check its status

Make sure you have on hand the documentation that proves your rights. All information provided will be confidential, and we will not share it with anyone.

What type of user do you want to register?

  • That is, you are the owner or legal representative of the rights that you're going to register.
  • That is, you are a natural or legal person authorized by the rights owner to act on their behalf.

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What type of rights do you want to register?

You can select one or more rights. We will ask you to attach documentation for each of them.

Contact details for representative

These are the details we’ll use from Mercado Libre to contact the account representative or administrator.

For example,
Include the international calling code, the area code and type only numbers (for example: 130547124433).
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Public Details

This is the information that we'll send to the reported seller so that they can contact you once the reporting process is complete. Make sure to write the name of the brand or economic group so that the seller knows who is reporting them.

We will use it to reset your password.
I accept the Terms and Conditions of the Brand Protection Program.
Whoever enrolls in our Brand protection Program must be a rights owner or an authorized representative. Official distributors or exclusive representatives can not enroll.The information you provide us will be in the nature of a sworn statement and authorizing us to share your account data with the users you report.I declare and guarantee that I am the rights holder for the works I am enrolling to the program and that I am the sole responsible and that Mercado Libre will not be responsible for any complaints that might arise regarding the authenticity of my work and my ownership. If I am enrolling as a representative, I declare and guarantee the rights owner is the rights owner I am enrolling.Protected by reCAPTCHA - Privacy - Terms