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Work with the new Mercado Libre Global Selling tools

Here are our latest features to help you easily and quickly manage your sales. Be more competitive and provide a better purchase experience.

Boost your business with Mercado Libre Global Selling APIs

From our Site for developers you will be able to manage permissions, create and edit your applications. In the API Docs section you will find all the documentation necessary to develop your integration and lead your business to the next level. In this section you will be able to:


Edit your listings in bulk

The Offline bulk editor will enable you to edit multiple listings at the same time. You can also use it to edit the price, stock and listing status in all marketplaces at the same time.

Find out about your new orders 

From now on, you will receive an e-mail whenever a product is purchased, so that you can keep track of your operations. You can set it up from Settings > Emails.

Manage your product deals

This new tool will enable you to load discounts to marketing initiatives, such as Cyber Monday, Hot Sale and Buen Fin. You can manage them in bulk from an Excel spreadsheet and without the need of support.

Learn about the new tool

Manage your business from the New Summary

We have revamped your Summary! We grouped all the information you need to understand your seller status and manage your business from a single place.

Learn how to take advantage of it

If you use Full

Compete in the Catalog to appear first on the lists

We have created a product Catalog with all your information, so that buyers find all deals in a single place.

The sellers who offer the same product will compete to be the relevant seller of that product.

Learn more about the Catalog

Keep track of the products you send to our warehouse

Now you have more details on how we receive your shipments at Full. You will be able to view in real time the units we make available for sale. If we notice problems during processing, you can solve them directly from the shipment details, so as to be ready for sale.

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