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Why the seller's reputation is important

Maintaining a good reputation will allow you to have high customer traction and improve your sales. Learn the best practices to achieve it.

Your reputation as a seller on Mercado Libre is crucial, as it directly impacts buyer confidence and the growth of your business. Represented by a range of colors from red to green, your reputation serves as your introduction to potential buyers, assuring them of a positive purchasing experience.

Earn your reputation:

To calculate your reputation, you must achieve a minimum of 10 sales within 365 days. This milestone sets the foundation for evaluating your performance as a seller.

Know the reputation system colors

Different colors represent reputation, each indicating your position in the seller's ranking. The colors range from:

  • Red: The lowest qualification
  • Yellow: A moderate level of reputation
  • Green: The highest level of reputation, earning the top position

Factors Influencing Your Reputation:


Your reputation is determined by the experience you provide to your customers. Once you have reached a minimum of 10 sales, the following variables are taken into account when calculating your reputation. 


a) Orders with Complaints

Keep the number of orders with complaints within the specified limits:

  • Mexico: Complaints should not exceed 2% of total sales.
  • Brazil: Complaints should not exceed 3% of total sales.
  • Chile and Colombia: Complaints should not exceed 4% of total sales.

b) Handling Time

For direct-to-consumer operations, the timeliness of order processing is crucial:


  • Green Reputation: Orders with delayed handling time should not exceed 15% of total orders.
  • Yellow Reputation: Orders with delayed handling time should not exceed 20% of total orders.
  • Orange Reputation: Orders with delayed handling time should not exceed 30% of total orders.


c) Dispatching Products to Assigned Carriers

To avoid negatively affecting your reputation, ensure the product is dispatched to your assigned carrier's warehouse within 96 hours of the order creation.

💡By focusing on minimizing complaints, handling time expectations, and timely product dispatching, you can build and maintain a positive reputation that inspires buyer confidence and drives your business growth.

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