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Where you can manage your stock at Full from

In "Stock Management Full" you will find different tools and recommendations to manage your stock and plan shipments and pickups.

From the "Listings" and "Stock Management Full" you will be able to plan shipments and pickups, track and solve problems with your stored stock, and also control its stock time.

"Shipment and Stock Control" section

From this section you will be able to set up shipments following our stock recommendations in order not to lose sales. You will be able to review and control the units of all your products as well as make decisions for sending, replenishing and/or picking up stock.

You will also have reports available to download, which will help you to review the status of your units, closely monitor their movements and control your daily storage fees.

“Stock not up for sale” section 

This section groups all your units that are currently not up for sale for different reasons. There we will tell you how you can solve the problems of each unit and remove those that are not suitable, to avoid unsold stock that could generate old stock fees.

“Stock Time” section 

In this section you can check how long the units have been stored in the warehouse. This way, you will be able to identify which products you are selling less than expected and change their conditions to accelerate your sales.

“Old stock fees” section 

From this section you will see detailed one month in advance how much you would pay for your stored units if you do not sell or pick them up.

Follow our recommendations to get the most out of your stock at Full!


Manage your stock at Full to make sure all your units are up for sale and not pay old stock fees.

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