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What is Global Selling

Discover Global Selling, your all-in-one platform for managing operations on Mercado Libre. Learn how it works and maximize your selling potential.

With Mercado Libre Global Selling, you can reach buyers in multiple Latin American countries and offer your products internationally.  Being registered in our multifunctional platform will allow you to manage your business and cross-border operations in one place

What you can do on the platform


  • Review your inventory with ease.
  • List your products efficiently.
  • Track payments and monitor sales metrics.
  • Participate in promotional campaigns on different sites. 
  • Stay informed with relevant updates and exclusive content.
  • Access customer support for your inquiries.

💡Keep in mind 

You can select your marketplaces, logistics, and set your local return address directly from the platform in the Selling preferences section. Remember to maintain your information accurate and updated.

What you need to expand your business in Latin America

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