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Speed up your sales by specifying your product

Avoid having to answer questions with information you have already filled in for your listing. By completing all the data you will save time and speed up the sale process.

How can I avoid getting so many questions?

By completing the datasheet of your listings you can better show the features of your products and avoid getting questions that take time to answer.

Add the data we request in the Features section of your listing to better define your product. For example, if you add color and size to a t-shirt listing, or the voltage of an appliance, your buyer won’t have to ask for those data and they will be closer to buy it.

To identify which listings need to be specified, you will see the quality goals that invite you to complete these important features.

What are other benefits of completing these data?

Remember that if you specify your products, your buyers will identify faster what you are selling and take less time to come to a decision. In addition, you will be benefited from all the advantages of completing all the data of your listing.


What if I’m selling the same product with different variations?

If you sell the same product in different colors, voltages or other features, and they all have the same price, you can create variations and sell them from the same listing.

You will have to complete a single datasheet and then include the new data for each variation.

Make the most out of the questions from your buyers

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