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Ship your orders at time: the key for a good reputation

The dispatch time is the time you have since you receive the order until the moment you leave the product in the shipping deliver service.

How long do I have to ship my products?

In order to guarantee a good experience to your customers, the handling time is 96 working hours when you ship with Mercado Envios Internacional. This means that, from the moment the sale is made, you have 4 working days to take your products to the carrier, so that they will be considered as shipped on time.

Why is it important to meet the handling time?

The handling time directly impacts your reputation. To calculate your reputation we take into account your handling time was during the last 60 or 365 days, according to your sales. The important thing is that your delayed shipping does not exceed 15% of your total sales.

Learn more about your reputation.

In addition, meeting the handling time is essential to make your customer satisfied. A delay can generate negative comments that other buyers will see.


What happens if I dispatch my shipments with delay?

If you take more than 96 working hours, we will take into account the average handling time of the sellers of your category. If you took less than the average time, your shipping will be considered on time.

However, if you want to stand out from your competition, we recommend you to meet the 4-days deadline established.

How to avoid delays?

  • Organize your stock in advance, so you will have your products ready to ship.
  • Check out the closest shipping points.
  • Dispatch every day the sales that have been confirmed to you. Do not accumulate packages during the week because each product has its own handling time
Take this opportunity to improve your handling time and seller position.

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