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How to set up marketplaces and shipping methods

Setting up your preferred marketplaces and shipping methods

As a global seller, we ask you to choose in which marketplaces you’d like to list your products and the shipping methods for each country. When you log in for the first time in Mercado Libre, you will be redirected to your Selling Preferences.

For each marketplace, you will be asked to set your shipping method. Depending on the country, you will have to choose between -some or all- the following options:


Fulfillment by Mercado Libre

It means Mercado Libre will be in charge of stock storage and delivering products to buyers. Mercado Envíos Full is our own warehouse in México, where we store and deliver your products straight to buyers in the same or next day.

When choosing Full, we will highlight your listings on search results. This alternative is free for sellers, and it requires approval by the Global Selling Team. Only available to sell in Mexico.


Fulfillment on your own

Mercado Envíos Partnered Carrier

This option implies using our logistic partners to deliver your products. We will provide you with the shipping labels and tracking number needed; enabling buyers to track their package. We are currently working with Mail Americas, DHL.

Keep in mind: when choosing this shipping method, all packages must be sent through our partnered carrier with the shipping label provided.

If you send packages through other carriers, we will not be able to track them nor release the amount of the order to you. In the case that you contact us and we can confirm the delivery, we will not pay the shipping cost and you will lose your benefits.

Before you start, check the shipping costs for each method and also the types of products you can sell in each country.

Also, if you will be shipping your products from a different address than the one declared on the sign up form, you can edit it in your Selling preferences.

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