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How to manage post-sales and take care of your reputation

Discover how to offer the best post-sales experience to your buyers, and get ready to stand out as a leading seller on our platform.

Understanding the post-sales process is crucial to ensuring the best possible experience for you and your buyers. After a buyer receives your product, several reasons may encourage them to reach out to you, such as:


  • Product defects
  • Receiving a different product than ordered
  • Damaged goods
  • Buyer's Remorse, among other potential issues. 

In such cases, buyers have the right to file a complaint, which you can view and address in the Orders section. 

Access the Orders section in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen


In this section, you can find the status of all your orders and access the details of possible open complaints.

Once you access the details, you can review the possible cause and evaluate the best option to solve your buyer's inquiry, if necessary. 

✅To prevent this, we strongly suggest following our guide on avoiding complaints. Remember that if you have an open complaint, you should address it as soon as possible to ensure a good buyer experience, otherwise, it may affect your reputation as a seller.

How can I interact with the buyer? 

You can manage a complaint through the messaging platform when the buyer opens a complaint. This can be accessed by selecting the order with an open complaint. On this platform, you can chat with the buyer to understand their inquiries and reach an agreement.

The messaging platform has an automatic translation tool. This allows you to chat in English and automatically translate your messages. Moreover, if you prefer to communicate in the buyer's native language, you can do so.

What are the solutions that I have available to solve potential claims?

The optimal approach is to address the buyer's issue and encourage them to close the claim by offering guidance on product usage. If this proves unfeasible, you can choose from the following options based on the specific circumstances:

  • Partial Refund: You may negotiate a partial refund, where the buyer retains the product while receiving a percentage of its value. Please note that you must extend the offer, and the buyer must accept it. This option is practical for products with minor defects, where the return of the item may not be warranted and is not convenient for either party, 
  • Total Refund: Offer a complete reimbursement equivalent to the product's value to the buyer, allowing them to keep the product. This solution is most appropriate when you cannot receive the product back, or it does not make sense to return it, for example, when it does not work or function properly. 
  • Product Return: Grant the buyer the option to return the product. There's no need to arrange a shipping label, as it is automatically generated for the buyer's convenience.

These options provide flexibility in resolving issues, and ensuring a satisfactory resolution for you and the buyer.


How does the post-sale experience affect my reputation?

Suppose you resolve your claims before 72 Hs, either by working out the issue directly with the buyer or using a solution as a refund/return. In that case, your reputation impact will not be affected.


💡Keep in mind: 

Not all the claims affect your reputation; you can see it during the claim resolution. For example, if the buyer regrets the purchase, it will not affect your reputation.

How to list and manage your sales with Global Selling

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