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How to list variations from the Excel spreadsheet

Does you product have different colors, sizes, etc.? Now you can list them all at once, from Excel. It's very simple.


  • Complete the listing details in a row

In the downloaded Excel spreadsheet you will see the details we ask for each category.


  • Duplicate the row for the number of variations you wish to offer

If you want to offer, for example, five types of shirts in a listing, you must have five equal rows.


  • Edit the characteristics that make your product vary

If the category has variations, as in the case of shirts, you will see a column for each characteristic that makes your product vary, such as color and size. Enter a combination in each of the rows you created. For example Red Small in one row, Red Medium in another.

Remember to keep the title and all other details the same, so that we know that all variations belong to the same listing. For each variation you can add its own SKU, Universal Code and photos.

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