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How to list in Global Selling for the first time

Find out how to correctly list your products on multiple sites using your Global Selling account. Learn the steps and expand your business.

If you're eager to start selling your products on our marketplace, the first step is to create a compelling product listing. From essential information to best practices, we will cover everything you need to know to create a successful list of your products for the first time.


First step, click Add Listings in the Listings management section or the site header.


Choosing categories

Select all the categories in which you want to list.  

Make sure you select  the correct categories since this will determine the file’s format and information. Completing all the product specifications will help buyers to find your products easily.

Once you complete  this step or have reached the limit, download the Excel file, and it will be ready to be filled.

Filling the listings file

Complete your product information and list them in the correct tabs according to the selected categories.

These are the main sections of the Excel listings file


  • Title
  • Product and its variations: SKU, attributes that make your products vary (such as color or size), images, Universal Product Code (EAN/UPC), and quantity.
  • Price: expressed in US dollars for each marketplace.
  • Product details: description and warranty. 
  • Product specifications: they vary according to the product category.
  • Package dimensions: weight, width, height, and length.


Upload the listing file

If you have completed filling in the Excel file, save it on your computer and upload it in the corresponding section, as shown in the image below. Please note that the file cannot exceed 100MB.

We will notify you when the upload is ready, and the listings are created.

💡Keep in mind 

  • There are some legal import regulations in each country. So, before you start, check the customs-restricted products and avoid them. If you’re using one of our partnered carriers, some dimension restrictions depend on the carrier. Check the product dimensions and weight restrictions.
  • Make it easy for your buyers by adding descriptive titles, clear and quality images, and concise descriptions that make your products stand out!

How to list and manage your sales with Global Selling

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