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How to group and identify your products into volumes to be sent to Full

Learn how to group and identify your volumes correctly so that we can receive your shipment at the warehouse.

When you finish the preparation and identification of your products, you must group them in volumes such as bags, boxes or pallets to transport to the warehouse so that we can receive them. Learn more about products preparation and identification.

During the shipment preparation, we will ask you how many volumes you are sending so that we can give you the labels to identify them. This way, we will know which shipment they belong to and we will be able to receive them when arriving at the warehouse.

If you are sending small or medium-sized products, group them in volumes such as boxes or bags, and send large products as separate volumes. You can also send your boxes with DUN-14 as they arrive from your supplier. And if you need to, you can also send your volumes grouped on pallets.

How to send your products in bags or standard boxes

  • You can mix different products in the same bag or box. If you are sending a box that comes from the factory, follow the instructions for preparing and identifying master boxes. 
  • If there is space between the units, use fillers so that the products are not impacted or damaged. 
  • When the volumes are ready, attach the Mercado Libre label on a flat surface. Make sure to attach it outside the opening area of the volume to avoid tearing it.
  • Large products such as microwaves or TVs can be sent individually. Since the selling unit is a volume, you must attach the product label and the volume label next to each other, taking care not to cover one another.
  • Check that the bags or boxes do not contain any text or codes that could be confused when scanning.
  • Tell us if the products in the volumes are fragile or if we should store them in a specific position. 
  • The volumes must be in good condition (no damage or presence of pests, grease or water).
  • On rainy days, wrap the boxes with plastic wrap or transparent bags to prevent them from getting wet, ensuring we can receive them at the warehouse.

How to send your products in boxes with DUN-14

The box with DUN-14 is the one that comes from the supplier and contains units of the same product.

  • Send the boxes exactly as they arrive from your supplier, because if you open them, they will no longer be master boxes.
  • Make sure the box has the DUN-14 identification code, the weight of the product and the number of units it contains.
  • If the selling unit is the master box, identify it with both our product and volume labels.

How to send your products on pallets

To send your products on pallets, you must first group them into volumes such as bags or boxes. It is always possible to send them to the warehouse with a private vehicle or directly from your supplier.

  • Make sure that the volumes are up to 1.60 m including the  pallet.
  • Wrap the packages with plastic wrap and check if they are stable on the pallet.
  • Although the pallet does not require labeling, make sure that all the volumes contained on it are properly identified.

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