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How to create a good title for your listing

We share 5 tips that will help you get an effective title.

The title of your listing is essential for your buyers to find you. Keep in mind that you can only edit titles while you have no sales. If you need to change it, you can create a new listing.


5 tips for make your titles correctly

1. Write clear titles

It is essential to formulate the titles clearly and avoid repetitions that may confuse the buyer. The structure should be simple: brand + model + product + specifications that help identify the product.

For example:

  • iPhone 6s mobile phone 64GB, 2GB free RAM.

If your product is compatible with other brands, please inform this by using the words "for" or "compatible with". You should also include the original brand name of the product you offer or inform that it is a generic product. Keep in mind that you will not be able to edit the title of your listing if you have already completed a sale.

2. Don´t repeat information

To create a good title it is important that you consider the information you already loaded when creating the listing. Remember not to include it again since it does not help you to position well in the search results.

If your product is new, used or refurbished, do not include this information in the title, we will show it in the listing detail.

3. Use the variations

If you sell the same product but in different colors, avoid specifying it in the title. It is better to create variations, so everything will be in a single listing.

If you only have stock of a certain color, load the quantity in the corresponding variation, when listing or from Edit.

4. Avoind including other services

Omit to include services such as returns, free shipping or installment payments. We include these details so that buyers can see them without having to enter the listing.

5. Do not mention promotions

If you offer discounts or promotions, your positioning will not be increased if you mention them on your title. If you offer a discount, we will highlight it in your listings, showing the percentage you offer.

Now that you know all the details, review the titles and improve your listings.

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