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What are duplicate listings and how to avoid them

Learn what duplicate listings are and why it is important to avoid them.

Duplicate listings are those for the same product, property or vehicle with the very same sale conditions. If you list the same product several times without variations, it will appear repeated in your showcase, not allowing buyers to identify the differences.

Having duplicate listings can affect your sales, as a showcase of several identical products creates distrust. In addition, this practice may disorganize your stock, and disturb tracking your sales.

Duplicate listings are not allowed and will be automatically canceled as they do not comply with Mercado Libre's Listing Policies. This is why it is important to avoid them.

How to have a reliable showcase?

Add the variations

Products may vary by color, size, material, etc. This is why, at Mercado Libre, we offer variations, which are different options of the same product, as long as there is no increase in the price.

For instance, if you sell shoes in different colors for the very same price, this is your variation. In this case, products must be sold under the same listing. 

By including all variations of a product in a single listing, you accumulate all the visits and sales, giving you greater exposure than if you were selling separately.

Buyers will find your products no matter how many variations you include. For example, if you sell T-shirts in multiple colors and buyers search for "red T-shirt" or "green T-shirt", both searches will lead to the same listing.


Create an attractive showcase

To make your showcase more attractive to buyers, you can offer product combos. For example, if you sell electronics, you can list a case or a charger and have separate listings for each one. This way you will have a diversified offering different from others.


Differentiate listings

If you sell multiple models of a product and are not able to select a variation under a specific category, you can diversify your listings to differentiate them

Note that titles must differentiate one product from another. This also helps buyers to find the products easily.

In addition, it is important that the photos of different listings differ from each other and are attractive.


What can I do if I already have duplicate listings?

You don't need to do anything if you have a duplicate listing. We'll hide the duplicate for you, keeping active the one with the best visibility. 


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