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After-sales service

The experience that you offer to your customers is the key to your rating as a seller.

The product is not the only thing that matters when is time for your buyers to evaluate you: pre and after-sale service influences their decision. In order to support your customers with any questions or issues, you have the Messaging tool, which facilitates and speeds up communication in case a buyer wants to talk to you.


What is the Messaging Tool?

Messaging is a system which allows you to keep a private conversation with your customer when you make a sale.

You can access it through Orders, then you will see your orders details and the whole conversation history with each buyer.

If your buyer contacts you and asks for information, we suggest you to reply quickly, providing clear, correct and useful information.

Do not include contact details, such as emails, phones, addresses, external links or social networks to avoid penalties in your account.

In order to offer good quality answers, be aware of two important points:


Clear answers

To ensure that you are providing the right information to your buyer, use the following structure in your messages: start with a greeting, respond to the concern clearly and say goodbye in a friendly way.


Good writing

Make sure to use punctuation marks correctly, not make spelling mistakes, don’t use abbreviations that couldn’t be understood and to build the text in paragraphs to divide the ideas in the message you want to deliver.

Tips to optimize the communication with your buyer:

Keep your listings always complete with all the necessary information. Keep in mind that, if your listing reflects everything the buyer needs (payment methods, shipping methods, stock availability, good photos, product dimensions and features, size guide, among other things), they won’t need to contact you . Better shopping experience for them, less management work for you.

Keep in mind that we already contact the buyer as soon as he makes an order to inform him about the shipping process: we notify him when the product is shipped and when he will receive it. If you do this yourself, you may be providing wrong information and may overload him by providing confusing information, offering a negative shopping experience.

Every time a customer has a question, he will write to you. Don’t worry and just be attentive. Don’t initiate unnecessary communication proactively. This will add more work time to you.

If a buyer writes to you, take your time to respond. Do it in a warm way and with information that clarifies their concern. Offering a personalized response improves his shopping experience. A good advice to make your customer feel comfortable is to call him by his name.

If you do not use Mercado Envíos FULL, make sure to always keep the buyer informed about the status of his order in case of any delay. This way you will avoid complaints and he have more chances to make another purchase with you in the future.

After-sales communication is important and essential whenever your customer needs it. If they do not contact you it means that everything is going well and they are enjoying your product. Less hours of operation for you, better shopping experience for your customer.

Improve your listing to offer a great shopping experience

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