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Advertise on Mercado Libre and attract more customers

Mercado Libre is the first product search source in Latin America. How and why you should advertise on the platform.

Mercado Libre Advertising is a Mercado Libre solution that allows you to advertise your products through Product Ads, thus reaching greater visibility within the platform. It is a tool to attract new customers and boost your sales.

It is very easy to start using Product Ads. All you need to start is to meet two requirements: you should be a MercadoLíder and your reputation should be color green.


What is Product Ads

Product Ads is an advertising solution, integrated into Mercado Libre, to give more product visibility to people who are looking for what you sell within the platform.

From the very beginning, all your products become sponsored listings. You will automatically see a daily recommended budget. It is a suggested amount that estimates the clicks you will receive on the listing. You can modify and adjust it according to your needs.

Once you establish the amount you want to invest, we take care that your ads reach your potential customers every time they search for those products on the platform. That is, we show your ads to people who are looking for what you sell. The only categories that are excluded from this possibility are real estate, vehicles and services.


Invest according to your needs

It may be hard for you to know how much you should invest, but don’t worry. According to your sales and listings, we will recommend an ideal amount to start your campaign, and we’ll show you an estimate of average clicks that your listing will receive. Also, you can increase your budget whenever you want.

The process is simple: once you decide on the investment amount, the ad starts showing, and you only pay for it when a user clicks on it. You will never pay more than the amount you have specified. Once you consume the entire investment for the day, your ads will stop showing until the following day, when your budget is renewed.

In other words, you will not have to pay any fixed commission. You only pay for results, when a user clicks on your ad. Remember that the cost per click varies, based on the price and category of the product.

If the return on investment doesn’t convince you, you can make adjustments.

With Mercado Libre Advertising you can measure the results of your ads, understand the relationship between visits and orders and, based on this information, make adjustments according to your needs.


How users will see my listings

By investing in advertising, the ads will appear in two places within the platform:


Search results

Your listings appear in prominent positions within the search results every time a buyer performs a search related to what you sell.

Product Pages

When a user visits the listings of another seller, your products appear in boxes featured as Sponsored Ads.

Product Pages

When a user visits the listings of another seller, your products appear in boxes featured as Sponsored Ads.

In both cases, the ads made with Product Ads will be identified with the word Sponsored.

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